Future Care Lab in Japan Aims to Reinvent Caregiving,

Blending Technology with a Human Touch.

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Mission Statement

Reinvent Caregiving,
Blending Technology with a Human Touch

At Future Care Lab in Japan,
we’re developing a sustainable caregiving business model
that delivers high added-value and
productivity while remaining deeply committed to
independent senior living.

We are living longer than ever before, creating a super-aged society
that is putting massive demands on caregiving.
With an increasingly severe shortage of caregivers,
we are reaching the limit of the services that people alone can provide.

In short, our caregiving facilities need technology more than ever—and Future Care Lab in Japan ishere to provide it.
Technology helps caregivers andseniors alike.
Our innovative approach blends technology with the warmth of
human touch to transform caregiving and the way people live—ultimately creating a betterworld for us all.

We’re starting in Japan, but we’ve got our sights set on the world.
We want a future where everyone is able to lead a rich, abundant life.
Future Care Lab in Japan is dedicated to the future of caregiving.

Reinventing technologic solutions
that care for seniors and caregivers


Reinventing Caregiving, Blending Technology with a Human Touch


The Next Chapter in

From Planing to
and On-site Testing.
We Offer Our
Long Experience
with Caregiving 
Facilities and
Our Home Care 
Extensive Expertise.
Let's Partner and
Create Innovative
Solutions to Improve
Tomorrow's Caregiving.


Case study at Future Care Lab inJapan

There are countless ways to get involved with Future Care Lab in Japan.
Our wide range of success stories include joint development through business tie-ups,
helping caregiving facilities through the entire introduction process,
support that begins at the development stage,
or simply conductingevaluations of on-site verification tests.
Everything we do is customized towhat our customers want and need and
what we can provide for their particular caregiving setting.
Every matching, development story, and introduction process is unique.
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Contact Us

Please use this form to contact Future Care Lab in Japan.
We invite inquiries on our innovativecaregiving solutions,
our product/concept plans, robot evaluations and effectiveness tests, support for verification studies at caregiving facilities, and more.